Hello and welcome.

Ever since i watched my first episode of crime watch at about 8 years old and, promptly had nightmares despite Nick Ross’s warning, i have held an ongoing interest in crime. Like most true crime fans i listen to numerous podcasts with They walk among us and The true crime enthusiast among my favorites.

I started this blog because I want to tell a no holds barred account of Britains most evil killers and the very real consequences of their heinous crimes. I will be telling stories of famous/infamous individuals and some unfamiliar ones as well. I will also explore the possiblity of links between known killers and currently unsolved cases.

I am by no means an expert and for the most part i will try to remain objective but, any opinion i do express is simply that, my opinion.

This blog will explore the worst of the worst British crime has To offer. Some of you will of heard some of my work in some of the UK’s leading podcasts. I will be posting regular stories that will shock and disturb the reader. I will not be holding back on details and the reader will discover just how depraved a human being can be and what these individuals are capable of doing. Bedtime reading is not advised as everything you will read Is 100% true.

Although i will be giving the reader a comprehensive account of the person or persons who have commited these most heinous crimes i willbe making sure tnat victims are not forgotten and as their stories also need to be told.

This site is very much a work in progress and I will be making plenty of updates until I get something that I am happy with.

Comments and feedback is always welcome.


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